Upcoming Presentation – Exosomes: Looking back three decades and into the future

exosome rna

Distinguished Plenary Speaker; Phil Stahl will speak at ISEV 2014 on

“Exosomes: Looking back three decades and into the future”

Phil Stahl, one of key persons who laid the groundwork for current EV research, will serve as keynote speaker at the ISEV 2014 in Rotterdam.  About 30 years ago Phil Stahl and Rose Johnstone reported independently that in reticulocytes undergoing maturation into red blood cells, transferrin receptor containing vesicles are secreted into the extracellular space.  The consequence of these early discoveries has been widely recognized over the last three decades by the explosive growth of the field of EV research. Dr. Stahl will give a talk on the historical and future perspectives of the EV field.

(Full Meeting Program)

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