Upcoming Symposium – Exosomes 2016 Oxford


Exosomes are small extracellular vesicles released by cells under a variety of conditions, which can carry cargo, such as proteins, RNA and DNA. When exosomes are taken up by recipient cells they can have important effects on their phenotype. Indeed, it has emerged that exosomes are an important part of the dialogue that occurs between cells. Unsurprisingly, they have also been shown to be involved in the pathology of various conditions, including cardiovascular disease, immune deregulation and cancer. They also have the potential to serve as therapeutic targets and diagnostic biomarkers. The aims of this meeting are to explore the latest findings in the field of exosomes and how these findings can be applied to the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of disease.


The symposium agenda will consist of several short ‘rapid fire talks’ complemented by posters. Presentations by ‘poster-only display’ are also welcome. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your presentation proposal, please contact us on Exosomes@LPMHealthcare.com.

The Symposium will be co-hosted with RNAi 2016 (11th annual), Aptamers 2016 (3rd annual), Oligo 2016 (2nd annual) and Genome Editing and Gene Modulation Congress 2016 (2nd annual).

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