Upcoming Webinar – Circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) as liquid biopsy

exosome rna

A 4-part webinar series

Part 3: Liquid biopsy: overcome challenges of cfDNA with automated and standardized extraction processes
July 21, 9:30am EDT
In this webinar, we present data on solutions for the following critical problems concerning the purification of cfDNA
• Pre-analytical workflow (blood processing) for analyzing cfDNA
• Optimization of cfDNA extraction from plasma samples
• Novel automated extraction of cfDNA using the QIAsymphony SP instrument for liquid biopsy diagnostic applications

Part 4: Sensitive mutation detection by sequencing circulating cell-free DNA
July 28, 9:30am EDT
In this webinar, we will describe the technical challenges facing cfDNA sequencing and present an optimized workflow that combines high-efficiency NGS library construction, unbiased library amplification and target enrichment to sensitively and reliably detect mutations in cfDNA samples.


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