Upcoming Webinar – New tools for exosome analysis: Applying imaging flow cytometry to cancer-derived exosomes

28 March 2018 – 12:00 p.m. ET

Phillip Galbo Jr., B.S.
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
New York, NY

Moderated by
Sean Sanders, Ph.D.
Washington, DC

Sponsored by MilliporeSigma

Exosomes, a type of small extracellular vesicle (EV) ranging in size from 30–200 nm in diameter, can be isolated from cell culture media as well as an array of biological fluids. There is considerable interest in analyzing the phenotypic characteristics of exosomes isolated from cancer patients in the hopes of developing helpful diagnostic tools. To date, exosomes have been analyzed by electron microscopy, Western blotting, and nanoparticle tracking. More recently, there has been an emerging interest in characterizing exosomes using imaging flow cytometry. In this webinar, viewers will see how imaging flow cytometry can be employed to study exosome internalization as well as the phenotypic characteristics of cancer patient–derived exosomes. The use of relevant controls will be discussed, including staining buffer controls, single color controls, exosome lysis by Triton X-100, and serial sample dilutions.

During this webinar, viewers will learn about:

  • Applying imaging flow cytometry to study exosome internalization
  • Using imaging flow cytometry to characterize cancer patient–derived exosomes
  • The benefits of imaging flow cytometry in preclinical and clinical studies.

Viewers can submit questions during the live broadcast!

This webinar will last for approximately 60 minutes.

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