Updating MISEV – Evolving the minimal requirements for studies of extracellular vesicles

The minimal information for studies of extracellular vesicles (EVs, MISEV) is a field-consensus rigour initiative of the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV). The last update to MISEV, MISEV2018, was informed by input from more than 400 scientists and made recommendations in the six broad topics of EV nomenclature, sample collection and pre-processing, EV separation and concentration, characterization, functional studies, and reporting requirements/exceptions. To gather opinions on MISEV and ideas for new updates, the ISEV Board of Directors canvassed previous MISEV authors and society members. Here, they share conclusions that are relevant to the ongoing evolution of the MISEV initiative and other ISEV rigour and standardization efforts.

ISEV2018 sections to retain and topics to add


The total number of respondents for each question is indicated in parentheses in each panel title and by the vertical orange line; exact number of responses for each option is shown within each bar. WB, western blot; EM, electron microscopy

Witwer KW, Goberdhan DC, O’Driscoll L, Théry C, Welsh JA, Blenkiron C, Buzás EI, Di Vizio D, Erdbrügger U, Falcón-Pérez JM, Fu QL, Hill AF, Lenassi M, Lötvall J, Nieuwland R, Ochiya T, Rome S, Sahoo S, Zheng L. (2021) Updating MISEV: Evolving the minimal requirements for studies of extracellular vesicles. J Extracell Vesicles 10(14):e12182. [article]

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