Vect-Horus and MDimune Collaborate to Develop a Novel Approach to CNS Drug Delivery Based on Vectorized Cell-derived Vesicles (CDVs)

MDimune Inc. and Vect-Horus are please to announce today the signing of a Research Collaboration Agreement. MDimune is a South Korean biotech company dedicated to the development of an innovative drug delivery platform called BioDrone® using cell-derived vesicles (“CDVs”). Vect-Horus is a French biotech company that designs and develops vectors to facilitate the delivery of a variety of cargos including drugs or imaging agents into the brain and other tissues.

The research collaboration will be based on the surface functionnalization of MDimune’s CDVs with Vect-Horus’ vectors that target a receptor in the blood-brain barrier (“BBB”). The success of this research collaboration will pave a novel path towards effective drug delivery to the brain by addressing the current hurdles of therapeutics delivery across the BBB.


VECTrans®-expressing CDVs will work as nanocarriers to cross the BBB, following systemic administration.

“We are proud to collaborate with MDimune and combine our innovative technology VECTrans® with their CDVs. Through this project we look forward to develop a new approach to deliver therapeutic drugs to the brain” says Alexandre Tokay, CEO of Vect-Horus.

Seung Wook Oh, Chief Scientific Officer of MDimune also added, “we are thrilled to launch this collaboration with Vect-Horus. Joining two innovative technologies will not only facilitate the entry of our CDVs into the brain, but also help overcome the most critical barrier in the CNS drug development.”


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