VivaZome Therapeutics and La Trobe University to collaborate on development of extracellular vesicle therapy for treatment of stroke

VivaZome Therapeutics and La Trobe University are pleased to announce that they will be collaborating to explore the therapeutic potential for VivaZome’s extracellular vesicles (EVs) in models of stroke in the laboratory of Professor Chris Sobey. This collaborative effort brings together VivaZome’s expertise in EV manufacturing and La Trobe’s stroke research capabilities led by Professor Sobey. The study entitled “Anti-inflammatory exosomes for stroke: a proof-of-concept (PoC) pilot study” is supported by a $300k grant from the La Trobe Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Fund.

Professor Sobey said: “Besides thrombolytic drugs and mechanical clot removal, for which only approximately 20% of stroke victims are eligible, there is no other treatment for acute stroke patients. Unfortunately, various single drug treatments have failed in clinical trials, probably because there are multiple complex mechanisms involved in post-stroke brain injury. Targeting a single mechanism is therefore insufficient to impact the devastating pathology. EV-based treatments have the potential to deliver multiple beneficial mediators to the injured brain. We are very keen to test VivaZome’s anti-inflammatory EVs in our stroke models and the support of the La Trobe PoC Fund is much appreciated.”

VivaZome’s CEO, Ms Xenia Sango commented: “The collaboration aims to advance the development of innovative therapies that harness the potential of extracellular vesicles. VivaZome is pleased to be working alongside Professor Sobey and his team, leveraging our expertise in producing purified EV preparations from proprietary cell lines to make meaningful contributions to stroke research. These EVs have exhibited potent anti-inflammatory properties in various laboratory tests and animal models. This collaboration marks another significant step in our long-standing and mutually-beneficial relationship with La Trobe University.”

Ms Natalia Alvarez-Lopez, Deputy Director, Business Development and Commercialisation at La Trobe said: “The La Trobe Proof-of-Concept Fund aims to foster the development of commercially relevant services and products stemming from research activities at La Trobe. The collaboration with VivaZome and Professor Sobey’s team exemplifies the impactful outcomes that arise when academic expertise converges with industry innovation. We are enthusiastic about the potential benefits this project holds for stroke patients worldwide.” The PoC project will commence in early 2024. Subject to the outcomes, further studies will explore customisation of EVs and scale-up of manufacturing in support of potential non-clinical and clinical development.


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