VWR to Distribute Transgenomic’s ICEme Kits That Enable Liquid Biopsy-Based Cancer Research on Existing Platforms

BUSINESS WIRE –Transgenomic, Inc. (NASDAQ: TBIO) today announced it has signed a non-exclusive agreement with VWR (NASDAQ: VWR) for distribution of its ICEme™ Mutation Enrichment Kits to researchers and laboratories in North America. The kits, which are based on Transgenomic’s Multiplexed ICE COLD-PCR (MX-ICP) technology, are designed to facilitate genomics-based cancer research by providing accurate detection of mutations using any type of sample and any downstream sequencing platform. ICEme Kits are also customizable and easy to use with current workflows.

“We view this distribution agreement with VWR as a significant milestone in the commercialization of our MX-ICP technology,” said Paul Kinnon, President and CEO of Transgenomic. “Feedback from our early customers confirms the ability of our ICEme Kits to make it possible for any research lab with sequencing capability to conduct genomics-based cancer research. The broadly enabling capabilities of the ICEme Kits and their potential to democratize precision medicine research make VWR an ideal distributor with their broad reach and deep experience in commercializing life science technologies.”

The ICEme technology delivers up to a 500-fold increase in mutation detection compared to most current methods, with levels of detection routinely achievable down to 0.01%. This ultra-high sensitivity enables researchers to detect low level mutations for cancer research, including for stratification of cancer sub-populations. ICEme Kits work well with most patient samples, including tissue, blood, plasma, urine and other biofluids. The kits are simple to use and work with most of the downstream genomic analytic platforms commonly available in laboratories today. They are easily customizable for use with single mutations or in combination. The initial menu includes 17 clinically relevant, actionable mutations that are associated with important cancers such as colorectal, lung, breast and melanoma. Additional mutations are being added on an ongoing basis.

“The rapidly growing use of genomic information and precision medicine in biomedical research makes it essential that we provide our customers with the enabling tools they need to advance DNA-based science and medicine,” said Mark McLoughlin, SVP and President, Americas Lab & Distribution Services at VWR. “Transgenomic’s ICEme Kits allow cancer researchers in almost any lab to conduct sophisticated genomics-based research, and we are proud to offer this versatile and valuable product line to our customers.”

Multiplexed ICE COLD-PCR was originally developed by the laboratory of Dr. Mike Makrigiorgos at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, which has exclusively licensed rights to the technology to Transgenomic.

Source – BusinessWire

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