Webinar – Exosomes: New perspectives, tools, and technologies

exosome rna

Exosomes are tiny (30–150 nm) vesicles secreted by all cell types in culture and found in large numbers in all body fluids. These vesicles, loaded with unique RNA and protein cargo, have a wide range of biological functions, only a small part of which is currently understood. For example, they are known to serve as cell-to-cell communicators for signaling within our bodies, and exosomes are also key contributors to cancer progression and stem cell therapeutic effects. Analysis and understanding of their contents could provide a superior alternative to biopsies and result in the development of minimally invasive diagnostics in the near future.

In this webinar, Life Technologies scientists Axl Neurauter, Emily Zeringer, and Sasha Vlassov will provide a summary of the current understanding of the composition, function, and diagnostic potential of exosomes, followed by an overview of next-generation strategies for exosome isolation, characterization and in vivo tracing.

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