Exosome Display Technology for Antibody Generation, Targeted Delivery, and Protein Array Screen

With years of experience in the field of molecular and cell biology research, Creative Biolabs now provides exosome display services for antibody generation and isolation, targeted delivery, and protein array screen.

Scientists now have realized that exosomes, representing a novel mode of intercellular communication, contribute to a wide range of biological processes in health and disease including cancer. Especially, growing evidence shows that tumor-derived exosomes play critical roles in cancer. Exosomes and their cargos may serve as cancer prognostic markers, therapeutic targets or even as anticancer drug‐carrier.

Exosome display is an innovative methodology enabling the manipulation of exosome protein content by the identification of addressing domains that mediate the specific distribution of proteins on exosomes. With years of experience in exosome research, Creative Biolabs provides exosome display services for antibody generation and isolation, targeted delivery, and protein array screen.

For generation and isolation of antibodies, Creative Biolabs is skillful in utilizing exosome display technology to develop antibodies against different drug targets, including difficult targets such as the G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). The scientist team is expert in ExoMAb technology, which does not require tedious and costly antigen purification, and can be done along with the purification of exosomes under non-denaturing conditions.

For targeted delivery research, Creative Biolabs offers custom services for the generation of targeted exosomes based on the exosome display technology, covering identification of exosome targeting peptides and construction of recombination exosomes.

For protein array screen, Creative Biolabs takes exosome display technology as a receptor presentation platform for GPCR-targeted drug screening of cognate ligands or small molecules, which can simultaneously analyze the binding of compounds or ligands to multiple receptors by combining the exosome display technology with protein array screening methods.

“Based on the advanced technology platform covering exosome characterization, purification, isolation and other related services, we can help accelerate the exosomal research in many ways. Clients can trust us for high quality, consistent reproducibility, and timeliness of delivery,” said Bella Smith, the Business Development Executive of Creative Biolabs.

Further information on exosome-related services and products at Creative Biolabs can be found on https://www.creative-biolabs.com/exosome.

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