Aegle Therapeutics Corp. Announces Positive Data for the First Patient in a Phase 1/2a Clinical Trial Dosed With AGLE-102™, a Novel Extracellular Vesicle Therapy

  • First patient treated with AGLE-102 demonstrated 99% epithelialization in a deep second-degree burn within 7 days of receiving a single dose
  • No evidence of burn wound conversion nor ischemia reperfusion injury as evidenced clinically and by laser doppler studies

Aegle Therapeutics, a leader in the development of novel extracellular vesicle (“EV”) therapies to treat rare and severe dermatological, including immuno-dermatological, conditions, today announced positive 12-week data for the first patient enrolled in a Phase 1/2a clinical trial of AGLE-102™ for the treatment of severe second-degree burns.

The first patient was treated with a single topical dose of AGLE-102 within 48 hours of burn injury. The patient achieved 99% epithelialization of the burn wound and had a significant reduction in edema within seven days of treatment. Subsequent doses of AGLE-102 were not required. The patient had no evidence of ischemia reperfusion injury, as measured by Laser Doppler, one week post treatment, and no evidence of burn conversion was noted. Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale  (POSAS) measurements showed significant improvement seven days post treatment and continued to improve over 12 weeks of follow-up. By day 90, the patient’s POSAS score (which measures pain, itch, thickness, stiffness, color and irregularity) improved from a score of 40 at baseline to a score of 10 (6 being normal). No safety issues were reported.

“We are very pleased with the first patient’s results in this first-in-human trial of AGLE-102,” said Shelley Hartman, Aegle’s Chief Executive Officer. “This milestone highlights our commitment to advancing EV therapy as an important, novel, multi-faceted approach to treating rare and severe dermatological conditions.”

Source – PR Newswire

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