Creative Biolabs’ Efforts to Facilitate Exosomes as Diagnostic Biomarkers

Updated services from Creative Biolabs target exosome contents, including proteins, lipids, and mRNA in terms of their application as diagnostic biomarkers.

 Present in body fluids such as bile acid, saliva, urine, blood, cerebrospinal fluid, and breast milk, exosomes are small extracellular vesicles with a specific composition of proteins, lipids, mRNA, and micro RNA. Exosome contents have proven to be potential biomarkers for the diagnostic and therapeutic use of various diseases. A new report demonstrates that the global exosome diagnostics and therapeutics market is impressively growing regarding products of instruments, reagents, software, and services. Creative Biolabs, a leading biotech company dedicated to exosome research, also makes efforts to promote exosome-based diagnostic applications.

 Exosomal Proteins as Diagnostic Biomarkers

Being isolated and characterized by different technologies, such as exosome characterization by WB, exosome proteins can provide valuable information for early detection, disease monitoring, and therapeutics against cancer and various diseases. Creative Biolabs streamlined a series of exosome proteomics solutions to determine qualitative and quantitative features of exosome proteins when applied in disease diagnosis.

  • Phosphorylation proteomics to develop uncommon exosome phosphorylated proteins as potential biomarkers.
  • Label-free proteomics to isolate and identify multiple exosome proteins from complex biological samples.
  • Labeling proteomics to discover low-abundance exosome proteins from complex samples.

Exosomal Lipids as Diagnostic Biomarkers

The bioactivity of exosomes presents not only in proteins or RNA molecules but also in exosome lipids. Besides original lipids settled in a bilayer membrane, exosomes also have some functional lipolytic enzymes that produce units of various bioactive lipids autonomously and lipid carriers. In contrast to parental cells, exosomes have abundant cholesterol and sphingomyelin, which are potential diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers for lipid-related diseases, atherosclerosis, cancer, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), obesity, and Alzheimer’s diseases. Multiple analytical approaches and facilities are introduced at Creative Biolabs to analyze the complexity of lipids and metabolites, including liquid chromatography (LC), mass spectrometry (MS), or LC coupled MS equipment.

Exosomes as diagnostic biomarkers have several predictable advantages. For instance,   exosomes present antigen (pathogen) on their surface as well as they are stable enough to help quantitative diagnosis. See how Creative Biolabs facilitates research on exosomes as diagnostic biomarkers with out-and-out exosome services and products at

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a leading solution provider in supporting exosome research, especially in developing exosomes as diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Based on decades of industry experience and advanced facilities, the company covers a pipeline of exosome services, including exosome sampling, analysis, engineering, manufacturing, and others for exosome-based applications. Additionally, the company’s exosome-related products, such as purification reagents, isolation kits, RNA and DNA extraction kits, exosomal marker WB kits, and exosome antibodies, could efficiently facilitate exosome research projects from all aspects.

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