Evox Therapeutics granted key US exosome purification patent

Newly issued US patent covers key step in the exosome manufacturing process

Evox Therapeutics, a leading exosome therapeutics company, today announced that the Company has been granted another US patent adding to its growing manufacturing IP portfolio.

Evox has been granted US Patent US11,640,272. The claims of this patent cover a method of purifying engineered exosomes via a downstream process utilizing ultrafiltration and size-based separation steps. Importantly this patent protects a process which is widely used in the field of exosome therapeutics. Taken together with four other manufacturing patents issued to Evox during 2022 this builds upon Evox’s manufacturing patent protection which now covers key purification and loading methods in key jurisdictions.

“This granted patent is a critical part of the protection for the downstream process that exosome scientists utilize on a daily basis,” said Dr Antonin de Fougerolles, Chief Executive Officer of Evox. “This process is essential for any business wishing to produce high quality engineered exosomes at scale. We are very pleased to add this patent to Evox’s growing IP portfolio which now contains more than 100 granted patents across key jurisdictions covering many of the aspects required to design, develop, and manufacture exosome-based drugs.”

Source Globe Newswire

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