Macrogen and Exosome Plus partner to accelerate exosomal RNA isolation for RNA sequencing and analysis service

Macrogen to begin Exosome RNA NGS and Analysis Service using Exosome Plus -certified Exo2DTM Isolation kit

Macrogen, Inc., the global leader in NGS service, and Exosome Plus Inc., Seoul, Korea based a startup, announced today that the two companies have strategically partnered in cutting-edge RNA sequencing and analysis service using customized exosome isolation kit delivers the high throughput and cost-effectiveness required for the exosomal RNA isolation.  According to the agreement, Macrogen and Exosome Plus will collaborate extensively to biomarker findings and market competitive NGS service to improve the demand for high-performance sequencing and analysis.

The partnership was unveiled at a special event in Seoul last week. All of the top managements from Macogen and Exosome Plus joined in sharing their vision for the future of exosome based technology in diagnosis and pharmaceutics.

“Exosome Plus will be the innovative leader in exosome isolation and characterization technology – At the evaluation process we have done during the past a couple of years, their disruptive isolation kits showed the best isolation and purification performance, most competitive price and a solid IP foundation for Macrogen and our customers,” said Dr. Kap-Seok Yang, chief executive officer, Macrogen Inc.  Exosomes are an industry with huge potential, and their use is expanding rapidly into fields such as disease diagnosis and treatment, pharmaceuticals, and more.” He went on to say, “By strengthening our cooperative relations with Exosome Plus, a company which boasts unrivaled competitive power in the fields of exosome isolation and quality control—considered the greatest technical hurdles to exosome research—we will be able to begin our efforts in earnest to enter the exosome-based biopharmaceuticals market.”

“Macrogen is a world-leading company of exosome market, with more than 1,000 different experiences analyzing exosomal RNA and DNA, and has an execution-focused culture that moves fast, with a proven ability to thrive in this highly competitive market,” said Dr, Jong Uk Bu, chief executive officer, Exosome Plus Inc. “This new, will further accelerate the disease biomarker discovery using exosomal RNAs.

Macrogen and Exosome Plus will also be participating in the 2019 meeting of the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV) to be held in Kyoto, Japan from April 25 to 28. At the conference, the two companies will jointly present their exosome isolation and nucleic acid analysis technologies. Starting with the ISEV meeting, Macrogen and Exosome Plus will actively engage in joint marketing for the development of domestic and overseas markets.

Source – Exosome Plus

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