Featured Exosome Job – Scientist, Regenerative Medicine – Exosomes

Exosomes likely mediate many of the observed benefits of regenerative cell-based therapies. Our exosome program aims to leverage the potential of exosomes to repair aged and damaged tissues.

With ICR, you’ll get to:

  • Contribute to our expanding range of translational preventive and regenerative medicine work with exosomes from different source cells, including iPSCs and many iPSC-derived cell types like MSCs, HSCs, NSCs, astrocytes and others as well as many different primary cell types
  • Dive deep into exosome content analysis for highly practical purposes such as engineering “flavors” of exosomes that might be better at certain tasks
  • Lead exosome engineering projects to produce and test novel targeted payloads

Please apply if you have:

  • An advanced degree in biomedical science with exosome biology research experience
  • The desire to work with cutting-edge technologies to harness the untapped potential of exosomes in many different aspects of aging biology and regenerative medicine. Examples include but are not limited to: vascular rejuvenation/atherosclerosis, peripheral nerve repair/regeneration, cartilage and tendon regeneration, immune system rejuvenation, CNS and PNS neuroprotection, tissue-specific repair, skin repair/rejuvenation, wound healing

Ideally, you’ll also have:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the worldwide therapeutic exosome development landscape
  • General and working knowledge of aging biology, adult stem cells, regenerative and personalized medicine

And you’ll need

  • The ability to work in the United States without sponsorship
  • To have a friendly, easygoing personality

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