CD Genomics’ RNA-solutions platform now supports exosomal RNA research

CD Genomics’ RNA-Solutions is a platform for revolutionary research in RNA, targeting coding and non-coding RNAs with different physiological functions. Based on rich RNA project experience and leading bioinformatics analytical capabilities, CD Genomics has launched a systematic solution for exosomal RNA research that assists in in-depth identification and functional analysis of exosomal mRNA, miRNA, lncRNA, etc.

Exosomes are microvesicles containing RNA and protein secreted by living cells, with diameters of 30-150 nm, and are widely distributed in various body fluids such as peripheral blood, urine, saliva, ascites, and amniotic fluid. The latest research shows that exosomes contain a variety of active molecules, such as proteins, fats, and nucleic acids (mRNA, miRNA and other non-coding RNAs), etc., which can be transmitted to target cells as signal molecules, mediating material transfer and information exchange between cells. At the same time, these molecules are wrapped and protected by exosomal lipid membranes for biological function stabilization. As a result, exosomes have become important molecular markers for liquid biopsy.

Exosome study has gained significant attention recently due to its immersive clinical application. This has sparked the interest of numerous researchers and businesses eager to explore exosomal possibilities. As related technologies continue to advance, research on the application of exosomes in early diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of clinical diseases (especially tumors) is booming. Meanwhile, high-throughput technology can quickly and efficiently sequence exosomal RNA, achieving a comprehensive overview of exosomes and developing an ideal means for disease diagnosis.

Exosomal Long RNA-seq is a powerful technique that combines exosome isolation and RNA sequencing to profile circulating exosomal long RNAs (exoLRs) and investigate exoLR alterations, which can lead to a better understanding of human disease mechanisms and the discovery of potential biomarkers for clinical diagnosis. CD Genomics provides quality assessment for purified exosomal RNAs utilizing real-time PCR and electrophoresis. Subsequently, ribosomal RNAs are depleted, and stranded-specific DNA libraries are generated, followed by high-throughput sequencing and data analysis. We provide differential expression, statistical analyses, and custom analyses to support exoLR characterization and the development of companion diagnostics and other applications.

“Our exosomal long RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) service enables comprehensive analysis of mRNA, circRNA, and lncRNA in exosomes, offering the opportunity to quantify expression levels of individual transcript isoforms, analyze human diseases mechanisms, and discover potential biomarkers,” commented the Senior Scientist of CD Genomics.

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