Post-doc position available – pathologies and therapeutics of the heart

Dr. Sahoo’s laboratory studies epitranscriptomic- and exosomes-mediated mechanisms in pathologies and therapeutics of the heart. The projects involve a broad array of advanced techniques in exosomes and epitranscriptome biology, including MeRIP sequencing, bioinformatic data anlysis, confocal, super-resolution and electron microscopy, small non-coding RNAs, stable-isotope-labeling mass spectrometry, in vitro and in vivo imaging, live imaging of exosomes, microfluidics isolation, bionanotechnology, systems genetics and small and large animal models of heart failure to address scientific questions in innovative ways.

Position Description

The position is for specialized research professionals who, under the direction of Dr. Sahoo, will provide direct professional support of all research activities in the laboratory. The position responsibilities includes, but not limited to exosomes isolation, characterization, Flow cytometry, bioinformatic data analysis, small RNA seq data, MeRIP seq data, protein data from mass spec analysis, SILAC experiments, familiarity with collecting and processing human, swine and rodent tissue specimens, maintaining an up to date database, managing several laboratory activities and working with other members of the team to guide and provide necessary support as needed. The responsibilities also include maintaining laboratory protocols, safety compliance, grant writing, training new employees, and overall laboratory management.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Specialized laboratory technique requirements for the project: Exosomes biology, isolation and characterization, cell and tissue culture, Imaging, flow cytometry, histology of the heart, echocardiography, m6A assay, Western blot, PCR, RNA sequencing and data analysis, exosomes isolation, processing samples for (MeRIP) sequencing, cross linking, and other molecular biology techniques.
  2. Data scientist: Bioinformatic data analysis, including, but not limited to small RNA seq data, MeRIP seq data, protein data from mass spec analysis, SILAC experiments, RNAprotein interaction analysis, undergo training to learn newer methodsw for data handling, processing and analyzing
  3. Other significant laboratory techniques specific for the project: ELISA, transduction, transfection, bacterial transformation, cell proliferation assay, microbial culture, transfection, AAV transduction, miniprep and maxiprep, AAV isolation and purification, IVIS imaging, proficiency in q-PCR, RT-PCR, RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, DNA/RNA gels, quantification, western blot, immunocytochemistry, fluorescence microscope, agarose gel electrophoresis, spectrophotometer,
  4. Animal Handling: Sahoo lab projects ivolve animals, and the Senior Associate will be required to help other projects and experiemnts with mice handling, simple injections, tissue processing, etc.

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