Post-doc position available – producing exosomes for therapeutic delivery

Job Description

Postdoctoral Associate, Center for Biomedical Innovation (CBI), to develop new understanding of and methods for producing exosomes for therapeutic delivery. Exosomes are small membrane-bound droplets secreted from cells. Within the body, exosomes are used for both paracrine and endocrine signaling, containing proteins, microRNA, and long, non-coding RNA which can vary widely between different exosome-producing cells. Exosomes are emerging as an exciting therapeutic modality with potential to address unmet needs in drug delivery; however, manufacturing challenges and lack of understanding represent impediments to realizing that potential.  Will design and execute experiments to develop understanding of conditions that maximize exosome production without sacrificing quality; develop and optimize methods to load exosomes with therapeutic cargo post-production; establish and optimize cell culture processes (adherent and suspension) to produce exosomes; develop and optimize processes to load exosomes with DNA, RNA, or proteins; and analyze and characterize the cell culture process and the produced exosomes using a variety of methods, including nanoparticle tracking analysis, immunoblotting, and transmission electronic microscopy.

Job Requirements

Required: Ph.D. in biochemical or chemical engineering, biological sciences, or related field; experience with the growth of mammalian cells, ideally MSCs or HEK293 cells; experience with the production (especially ultracentrifugation or size exclusion to separate exosomes), measurement, and characterization of exosomes (nanoparticle tracking, immunoblotting for exosome markers, and TEM); experience analyzing cell culture medium components using HPLC and ELISA or similar methods; ability to prioritize multiple responsibilities, troubleshoot technical issues, develop and execute detailed technical protocols, and work independently and as part of a team; and excellent documentation and oral and written communication skills.

Preferred:  experience with bioreactor set-up, operation, and maintenance.

Job #23542

This is a one-year appointment with the possibility of extension based on excellent performance and continued funding.


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